To be a rhinoplasty surgeon means lifelong learning and the constant commitment to the improvement of surgical techniques, surgical training and optimization of treatments. It includes sharing the joy together with patients of great results but also the responsibility to find solutions for ongoing wishes.

At the University Medical Centers Ulm and Mannheim as well as in a specialized practice I have been working as a board-certified otorhinolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon for more than 10 years. During that time I was able to operate on more than 2500 nasal surgical cases and gain extensive experience in that subject.

Through a funded fellowship of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS) in 2017 I had the honor to travel to Toronto, Canada, Dr. Jamil Asaria, to Charlottesville, USA, Prof. Stephen Park and to Den Haag, Holland, Dr. Capi Wever and experience great teaching in rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery from these outstanding surgeons. Afterwards I was certified as a Facial Plastic Surgeon (IBCFPRS) in London.

In a specialized rhinoplasty practice in Mannheim with Prof. Dr. Frank Riedel I had the honor and opportunity for 3 years to intensely improve my surgical skills in esthetic and functional rhinoplasty by performing several hundred cases.

As a professor of the Heidelberg University I am a teacher and trainer of the young generation of rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgeons myself. My teaching includes seminars, hands-on training and the guidance of PhD students.

Humanitarian and voluntary work:
With the private organization "India-Projects" I had the honor to work with an international team of surgeons in North India. We were able to treat burn patients and congenital malformations in more than 100 cases and contribute a little bit to their better quality of life.


As a scientist I am author of more than 60 publications in international medical journals, I do research on the improvement of surgical techniques, quality of life and clinical trials. The international cooperations and exchange enable me to stay at the “pulse of time” and to always keep improving.