Frequently asked questions

When will the bruising disappear and I be “socially acceptable” again?

Typically 2 weeks, at most 3 weeks after rhinoplasty. By then, the bruising will resolve, so that you will feel good again and nobody will suspect anything – except the shape change of course. 

Do you use nasal dressing or packing?

No, we do not use an inner nasal dressing of packing, so you will be able to breath right after the surgery and it must not be removed. 

Will my health insurance cover a part of the costs?

If you have difficulties with nasal breathing, the functional part of the operation will usually be covered by your health insurance. The esthetic rhinoplasty will normally not be covered by your health insurance.

When will my “new nose” not be swollen anymore?

2 weeks after surgery you can already see a significant change and bruising will resolve significantly. Still, your nose will take further weeks and months to completely recover from surgery and heal.

Is a rhinoplasty very painful?

Most patients use pain medication for 2-4 days to treat the mild to moderate pain. Afterwards most patients don’t need pain medication anymore. Since we do not used nasal packing, it needs no removal and you recover faster. 

Is it obvious that my nose has had surgery?

It is our goal, which is reached most of the time, to create a natural “non-operated” lookin our patients. Some patients of course want a more “operated”, slightly artificial look. A well-operated nose fits great in the individual face of a patient and looks very inconspicuous.

Do visible scars remain after surgery?

The majority of small cuts is placed in the inside of the nose – and therefore “invisible”. Still, in the majority of cases we use the “open” “transcolumella” approach with a very delicate cut at the columella. The scar might be visible within the first weeks but can easily concealed. After several moths it becomes virtually invisible. In cases of correction of the width of the nasal base and nostrils additional small cuts will be placed at the side of the alars and nostrils – these scars are placed in the natural creases and are well hidden.

When will I be able to breathe through my nose again?

From the moment you wake up from general anesthesia you will be able to breath though you nose. We use soft silicone pieces as a inner bandage in your nose (“Dolye splints”). You can breathe through these silicone pieces which will be removed after a couple of days. Within the first days and few weeks after surgery you nasal breathing may still be partially compromised, sprays and ointments will help your fast recovery.

When can I war glasses of sun-glasses again?

There is not scientific data on this, but we recommend to use contact lenses instead during 6 weeks after surgery. This helps to prevent unwanted pressure on the nasal bones and to prevent unwanted shape changes.

When can I do sports again?

“Listen to your body” and your inner voice. You will know, when you are ready again. In general it takes 3-6 weeks to recover enough. It also depends on the extend of the surgery, you personal fitness, and your individual healing process.