Latest techniques and individual surgical plan

Due to his intensive scientific and clinical focus on rhinoplasty and nasal surgery, Prof. Veit masters a vast variety of modern and established techniques, which he will use for your benefit. Every operation is highly individualized, the surgical plan will be developed together with you during consultation.

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Dorsal Preservation Rhinoplasty

This technique makes it possible to reduce a nasal hump and lower the dorsum and still preserve most of the delicate anatomy. Especially long-term results are very natural and nasal breathing is often improved significantly.

⟶ Publications of Prof.Veit

⟶ Publications of Prof.Veit

Piezo surgery and diamond bur

By using these two instruments it is possible to model and shape the nasal bone extremely precise and delicately. The operation is less traumatic and more predictable.

Treatment of the skin and soft tissues

The (pre-)conditioning of the facial skin as well as the optimal surgical management of the soft tissues play a major role in the success of a rhinoplasty. Prof. Veit has published a guideline with international experts on the topic.

⟶ Publications of Prof.Veit

Computer simulation

At the consultation date and at the presurgical visit Prof. Veit will perform a digital image simulation in order to visualize a possible change of nasal shape from different views. This will help to understand and discuss the effect of a change in the nasal shape on the overall appearance.

Surgical Spectrum


The shape change of the nose, may include straightening, nasal tip plasty, hump removal, shortening, definition, tip lifting, narrowing, correction of nostrils or the elevation of the nasal bridge. This operation can be solely esthetic or combined with a correction and improvement of nasal breathing.

Revision rhinoplasty:

Also the revision rhinoplasty, also called secondary rhinoplasty, is a specialty of Prof. Veit: This difficult operation has the aim to correct unwanted effects of a first rhinoplasty, to correct edges, asymmetries, droopy nasal tips and nasal breathing difficulties due to scars of collapse of the nasal airways. Sometimes it is necessary to use autologous tissue grafts from the auricle or a small piece of rib cartilage.


This surgery has the aim to straighten the nasal septum and to improve nasal breathing. The nasal shape does not change. It can typically be combined with a delicate treatment of the nasal turbinates.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery:

As very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and board certified otorhinolaryngologist Prof. Veit offers modern endoscopic nasal sinus surgery and may treat diseases of the maxillary or ethmoid sinus during a septoplasty or rhinoplasty operation.