• Experience of over 2,500 nose operations
  • Supervision only by Prof. Dr. med. Veit
  • European Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon
  • State-of-the-art techniques (dorsal preservation, ultrasound)
  • Virtual consultations & image morphing

Some women and men are unsatisfied with their physical appearance. Often, the shape and esthetics of the nose plays a key role in these concerns. Should you change something or do something? This question stays in the minds for years together with the question if a rhinoplasty could be the right solution.

With the experience of several thousand treatments on patients with similar concerns, I offer a consultation to you, during which many questions on the form, function and esthetics of the nose can be addressed. I invite you, in a very professional and enjoyable setting with enough time – in the heart of Munich – to speak with me, an expert on this topic, to discuss your questions, concerns and wishes. Every case is highly individual and unique and deserves an informed decision. I may help you to answer the question if a rhinoplasty could be the right decision for you.


The surgical correction of the nose, so called (septo-) rhinoplasty, is considered one of the technically most difficult operations in plastic surgery and otorhinolaryngology.

This is due to the complex anatomy of the nose with several cartilages and bones as well as soft tissues – and the fact that every millimeter can be decisive for esthetics and function. Furthermore a good nasal breathing function is very important for the overall well-being.   

Course of the

Individual counseling

At a first counseling appointment, patient and doctor get to know each other. Prof. Veit will answer all of your questions, discuss expectations, wishes and concerns regarding a possible rhinoplasty. Besides a careful examination of the nose, a computer-assisted visual simulation will take place. Your well-being is our most important goal.     

Before the operation

During a second consultation all important details are discussed and refreshed again with Prof. Veit. Final remarks and documentation as well as written informed consent take place. You get to know the organizational details of the hospital and treatment.    


The operation usually takes place in the morning or noon, Prof. Veit will see you before and after the operation, which normally has a duration of 2 hours. You will stay at the Dr. Gärtner-Hospital for 2 to 3 days and will be seen daily by the surgeon.    

After the operation

A few days after you dismissal from hospital you will have your first follow-up visit in the practice. At this time you will be counseled and a careful inspection of the nose, removal of the inner dressing, as well as change of the bandage will take place. You will be able to see your “new nose” for the first time, although it will still be quite swollen. After another week all bandages will be removed and you will feel almost “normal” again. The bruising and swelling will disappear within the next days.    

Further follow-up visits

Typically there will be consecutive follow-up visits after 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. The course of healing will be evaluated and questions can be answered.    

Bestnoten und


Dr. Veit hat mir ein sehr großes Verständnis entgegen gebracht. Ich habe mich unfassbar wohl bei ihm gefühlt und ich musste nicht viel sagen, er hat direkt gesehen, was mich stört und was ich ändern möchte. Mich hat seine Begeisterung für seinen Job direkt überzeugt. Er weiß, was er macht und man merkt, dass es seine Leidenschaft ist.


Dr. Veit erkannte mein Anliegen ohne dass ich viel dazu sagen musste und sprach alle Aspekte an, die mir persönlich wichtig waren. Durch das Gespräch konnte ich Vertrauen fassen und fühlte mich endlich verstanden. Ich wollte keine „Püppchen“- Nase, das Ergebnis sollte sich einfach dem Gesamtbild anschmiegen.


Dr. Veit hat alle meine Fragen während der gesamten Zeit geduldig, ehrlich und ausführlich beantwortet. Ein weiteres geplantes Beratungsgespräch bei einem anderen Chirurgen habe ich nach dem Beratungstermin bei Dr. Veit abgesagt, da ich bei ihm das beste Gefühl hatte. Das war auf jeden Fall die richtige Entscheidung.

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